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So I'm first out the gate with this thing?!? Say less, but first let me explain to you, the reader, what's about to happen here. The members of Hip Hop Book Club will be giving you their starting 5 in terms of rap. We'll give some insight into our thought process, you'll agree or disagree and we'll probably get into a respectful but serious debate about it. Got it? Bet!! Why are we doing this, though? Basketball has been influencing hip hop since its beginnings and that influence has only grown. We see basketball stars try to rap (Shaq, AI, Kobe, Chris Webber) and just about anyone's favorite rapper has made countless references to which NBA player they're ballin' like. And besides, we probably won't have any basketball for a week after tonight. Here goes nothing.

PG) Drake - I need this guy to be in control at all times, unshakeable, versatile and able to make any player on my team better. In rap terms this person needs to be on the charts every time he drops, able to handle a diss record accordingly, have crossover appeal and enhance other rappers' songs via verses or hooks.                                                                                  NBA comp; Chris Paul

SG) Kendrick - This player needs to get buckets from anywhere on anybody at anytime. He does not bullshit on defense either. Can dominate any phase of the game but main objective is to be unstoppable and be feared by opponents. In rap terms, this guy rarely misses whether it's LPs, EPs, singles, touring, guest verses or hooks. Do not think he won't end your career. NBA comp; Kobe

SF) Jay-Z - Similar to my point guard, I expect this player to be my anchor. I can build my offense or defense around this position, so versatility is key here but also the ability to do many things at an elite level. There's no way to keep this player from affecting the game and he's not challenged in the locker room. Has to be a leader. In rap terms this is pretty self explanatory right?                                                                                                                               NBA comp; LeBron

PF) Big Sean - I need consistency in the things that win games from this position. Defends well, rebounds and has passing ability. The ability to score from multiple spots makes the team that much better and can carry the team if need be. In rap terms, consistently makes hits, can answer if dissed but will also just jump out there and talk his shit. Flow fits well with many different artists.                                                                                                                           NBA comp; Blake Griffin

C) 2 Chainz - Play big, control the paint, protect the rim. If the point guard gets you the ball, make the right decision. Takes over games occasionally and is a great locker room guy. In rap terms, nothing about this artist is overwhelmingly elite, but you want them in the game as much as possible. The rap game is better when they're making good music.                                  NBA comp; DeAndre Jordan

Honorable Mentions: J. Cole, Kanye, Chance