Good Culture



This series has changed the way people do brunch. Bangers & Brunch blends the urban brunch experience with hip hop culture in a manner unique to Good Culture. Art exhibits, bottomless mimosas and a tailored menu all enjoyed in an environment designed for the culture. This one is always lit and always sold out. Be ready when it drops.

We realize that you want a dope happy hour to pull up to. Most of the happy hours you've experienced in Dallas are cool because you're with your friends and coworkers and the conversation isn't work related. We get it. That's nice, but it's not the happiest you can be with a happy hour and it damn sure isn't the trappiest. Say less, fam. We're linking up with Acquired Taste to give you #TrappiestHour, the happy hour FOR THE CULTURE. No stiffness, no sideyes, just rain drops and drop tops. We're really in our bag this year, GOOD people. Change the way you Thursday.